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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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we leave you today with what might be the cuteett dog ever -- cutest dog ever. check out the way he hops along in a >> next on kron 4 news at 11. 's a windfall for workers in san jose. getting ready for a minimum wage increase. but the move could actually end up hurting the community. >> and san francisco's exploratorium putting on a show tonight as they get the bay area heated up for their
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight. a deadly shooting has oakland police are turning to the public for help. authorities are working on tracking down the suspect who shot and killed a san francisco man early this morning. kron 4's scott rates walks us through what happened. >> reporter: this call was about one block ago. at the oakland police department at
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this intersection at clay /ninth and ninth street. around 3:00 a.m.. shots were fired and this man was shot multiple times walking on this intersection. investigators believe that it was an occupant inside another car that shot at the driver of the other car. he was taken to the hospital where he died. hwe know that he is a 37 year-old man. we checked with the oakland police department and we are hoping for some type of witness that can come forward. we are offering a $10,002 reward. scott rates, kron 4. >> a big pay off for voters in san jose. tomorrow, the city's minimum wage will go up two dollars.that goes for both part-time and full-time employees. it also includes those working for tips. kron four's philippe djegal
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shows us how it all adds up. >> reporter: so, this is how it works. and, we'll use part-time workers as an example. someone now making eight dollars an hour, six hours a day, thirty hours a week, is making about 12,470-dollars in a year. but with minimum wage now going up to 10-dollars an hour, that all changes. that person now making 10- dollars an hour, multiplied by six hours in a day, equals 60-dollars a day. multiply that by five days a week, comes out to 300- dollars. multiply that by four-point- three-three weeks in a month, comes out to about 1,299-dollars. multiply that in a year, and that comes out to 15,588- dollars. that's an increase of about three thousand dollars a year. city councilmen sam liccardo says that's good for employees. but in the long run, could have a negative impact on small businesses.
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a three-thousand dollar raise for ten employees, is a 30-thousand dollar hit for a small business. a hit some businesses can't afford. >> we recognize that this is going to be a significant challenge for the small business person. we are helping with start of san jose and tax efforts to enable small businesses. we will continue to help small businesses and recognize this transition could be challenging for many of them. >> reporter: in san jose, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> we're taking a look at minimum wage around the bay area. the state sets the bar at eight dollars an hour. meanwhile san francisco has the highest minimum wage in the country at ten-dollars- and-fifty-five-cents. at ten-dollars an hour. >> the san francisco exploratorium celebrated its pre-opening festival tonight! take a look at one of the highlights of the evening-- this flame throwing octopus. the "on the move" festival celebrates the historic
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location change for the exploratorium. the event include art cars, sidewalk cafes, and marching bands. the special finale was at pier 15-- where its new location will be. the fiery octopus was, of course, part of the grand finale. the museums opening day at pier 15 is on april 17. >> is kind of cool out there. only in the low 50s. perhaps it would be more comfortable if you are standing next to those plantflames. it is a bit difficult to see san francisco skyline because of those clouds. and the golden gate. as we are watching those low clouds push in for tonight. mainly sunny skies. along the coast to coast should clear away fairly quickly. perhaps by 10:00 p.m. of those will give way to sunshine. temperatures
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will warm up. '70s on tap for tomorrow. low 70's for concord. a bit cooler for san francisco and on to stay a bit warmer. concord mid- 70s even 80s by wednesday. will talk more about this warmer forecast, coming up. >> at this time next week. we should know who will be the next pope. cardinals from across the globe will meet in the coming days. and will vote to decide which of them will lead the church. kron 4's mike pelton breaks down the process. >> reporter: the process of choosing this next pope will start on tuesday when the 112 cardinals will cast their first vote tuesday afternoon. the two-thirds majority is required. after
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each vote the ballots are burned using a special chemical. white smoke will signify that there has been a choice made. black smoke will signify that there will have to vote again. there has been no american however, there has been one that is possible such as timothy dolan.. every it is anybody's guess. in san francisco, mike pelton, kron 4. >> we have team coverage on kron4's maureen kelly went to sunday mass in san the faithful here are >> reporter: here at saint mary's cathedral.prayers were lifted up for those in charge choosing a replacement for pope benedict. >> reporter: some worshiping here are hoping that the next steward of the catholic faith will continue to maintain ancient beliefs and tradtions. >> we need someone to preserve and protect that and probably not acquiesce the whims of what's important for the last 50 years, pop culture and to modern society, >> reporter: others are praying for a leader who
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will shake things up >> i wish that priests would be able to be married >> reporter: with many empty seats here amongst the pews.there is a growing desire for a pope who can draw in new believers. >> i think we need to reach out to more peoplea pope that's willing to travel be out there to show his face, still be to true to our beliefs i feel that people are really looking for a change someone who is relatable, especially to the youth the church has really stepped back from our daily life >> reporter: there's also a wish that the next pontiff be someone who can help lead the church into the 21st century. >> traditional catholic consideration our changing
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world because everyone has their own yearning and we have to satify everybody win their hearts and their souls. >> i think the church has an opportunity to be a better church but be true to the christian values. >> reporter: maureen kelly kron4 news >> a fresno animal sanctuary where a lion killed a 24- year-old intern reopened to the public this morning. the park closed after dianna hanson was fatally attacked by a 550-pound male lion on wednesday. following a moment of silence in memory of hanson, the park returned to its normal operations. investigators believe the lion--known as cous cous lifted the door of a partially closed feeding cage and attacked hanson. hanson's relatives say they believe her death was an accident. and that safety protocols were followed at cat haven. the 5-year-old lion was fatally shot after it couldn't be coaxed away from hanson's body. >> a former vallejo special-education teacher has been found guilty of raping and impregnating his and changes from the transportation safety administration and also the 'free tibet'.. to the
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>> a former vallejo special- education teacher is facing 11 years for guilty of raping and impregnating the developmentally disabled student aide. jerry johnson of elk grove is facing up to eleven years in prison. johnson's attorney claims that the two had a consensual relationship and it was perfectly legal. but prosecutors say the 20- year-old victim has the intellect of a seven-year- old. and is incapable of consenting. the victim's mother discovered that her daughter was pregnant back in 2011. and the child is now 14- months old. johnson will next appear in court in april for his sentencing.
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>> hundreds of tibetans and supporters marched through downtown san francisco today to peacefully celebrate the 54th anniversary of the tibetan national uprising against china's occupation. organizers say this year's protest is bigger than other years.they're expressing outrage against china's policies in tibet. and the exile of the dali lama. the rally began with a flag raising ceremony in berkeley. then up market street to city hall then onto the chinese consulate. the crowd chanted "free tibet" and "shame on china." >> at least two firefighters were injured in a five- alarm-fire in jew jersey. you are looking at video taken from the scene. the injured firefighters were transfered to the hospital. their injuries are not considered serious.
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the fire started in a building in harrison new jersey. it burned for several hours and spread to some of the neighboring buildings before firefighters could get it under control. an investigation into what sparked the fire is underway. >> six teenagers were killed today in an early morning accident in northeast ohio. investigators say that their s-u-v swerved off the road. hit a guardrail and flipped. before finally landing in a nearby pond. you are looking at video of the aftermath. according to the ohio state highway patrol two people managed to survive the accident. the accident occurred just south of warren. 60 miles east of cleveland near the pennsylvania state boarder. >> a crackdown on the size of sugary soft drinks is beginning to take shape on tables new york city's ban on large effect on tuesday. it limits restaurants and stores from selling sodas and some other beverages
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more than 16 ounces. some restaurants are ordering smaller glasses. dunkin' donuts shops are telling customers they'll have to sweeten and flavor their own coffee. coca-cola has printed posters explaining the new rules mayor michael bloomberg says this law is bigger than his city. >> every food label house a portion control and the serving size. the government wants to drive to provide you with a warning to not to consume an empty calories and more food and you could provide a compromise love life for yourself>> "shorter life" >> convenience stores, vending machines and some newsstands will be exempt from the new law. >> changes coming to airport security. the t-s-a is altering its' policy. on what airline passengers can and cannot carry onto planes. kron 4's charles clifford >> reporter: the transportation security adminstration says it wants to start spending more time looking for high threat items, like explosives, and less time confiscating small things like hand held knives and sporting equipment starting on april 25th,
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airline passengers will be allowed to carry on knives with blades shorter than 2.36 inches long and ½ an inch wide. knives with locking or fixed blades will not allowed and the knife can not have a molded grip. box cutters and razor blades will remain prohibited. the tsa will also start allowing passengers to carry on some sporting equipment, including ski poles, hockey sticks, up to two golf clubs, pool cues and lacrosse sticks. they will also allow bats that weigh less than 24 ounces and are shorter than 24 inches. the bat can be longer than 24 inches as long as it meets the weight limit. once again, these new changes take effect on april 25th. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> with the t-s-a relaxing its restriction on pocketknives. new york senator chuck schumer took the chance to blast the t-s- a for the proposed rule change. >> you do not have to have a ph.d. in physics. you do not have to have a of for
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feinstein to know that these items are dangerous. this is one of the items that is dangerous. you do not have to be albert einstein to figure out is that it is dangerous. >> but as it turns out. that knife in schumer's hand *isn't* one of knives that t-s-a will start allowing aboard planes. schumer's office later clarified that the proposed rule change is for knives like those available for purchase at office supply stores. >> democratic sources in washington say president obama's has made his choice for the next labor secretary. this man, thomas perez. perez currently heads-up the justice department's civil rights division. if nominated, he'll have to be confirmed by the senate. he would succeed hilda l. solis, a former congresswoman who resigned in january. >> i cannot get enough of a fire breathing octopus let me show you one more time!. no. 59 on the emporium . - the. -#15 their new
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location at pier..15.. you can see the fog that is rolling in and pressing towards oakland and even as far as hayward and a san mateo. some of the fog into the north bay. it should clear away quickly. the off- shore wind. 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m., retreating back along the coast. warmer temperatures getting into the 70's. the warmer conditions away from the bay and by that time we could see the warmest conditions with 80s. and the warmest inland valleys. here is futurecast. the yellow is showing the 70's. and it will remain relatively cool by the bay. 60s in place because of the sea breeze.
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as we go for tuesday, notice the temperatures are expanding with the warm to with the exception of the coast. still warmer on wednesday. take a look. the orange indicating temperatures into the 80s. i think that this could be going overboard. but i would not be surprised if there are a couple of areas with low 80s on wednesday purify still close to freezing. highs getting into the south bay. 72 degrees. milpitas, and los gatos also 72 degrees. plenty of 70's inland, pittsburgh, antioch and concord. and notice that it will be cooler by the bay. we are going to begin to see the very start of the microclimate season. where
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we could see some friends of temperatures and the ocean and the inland valleys. -4 range of temperatures. where the 70's in oakland and here is your kron 4 7 day around the bay a loc of a warm wednesday. still, mild. the sea breeze will be stronger on friday and even cooler on the weekend. a slight chance for showers on fridaydefense secretary chuck hagel had dinner with afghan president hamid karzai in kabul. it was an attempt to ease tensions between the united states and afghanistan. hagel was asked if they talked about karzai's claims of behind the scenes communications between the u-s and the taliban. >> i told the president said it and was not true with the to use nine states is a unilateral with the taliban. it and trying to negotiate anything that the united states is unilateral with the taliban. any prospect
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for political settlements or peace past two "be led by afghans." >> hagel also said the united states is still on track to end its 11-year combat mission in afghanistan. >> tomorrow marks the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake that triggered a tsunami in japan. nearly 16-thousand people died as a result of the disaster. this is the same earthquake and tsunami that triggered a massive meltdown at the fukushima nuclear power plant. that meltdown forced thousands of people to abandon their homes in order to escape the dangerous levels of radiation. >> it appears charges against rapper m-c hammer have been dropped. hammer was arrested at a dublin shopping center two weeks ago and was charged for resisting an officer. friday night, he took to twitter to announce that the charges had been dropped. the 50-year-old was arrested on february 21st following a verbal altercation with an officer who pulled him over. following the arrest, hammer accused the officer of racial profiling. alleging the officer had asked him if he was on probation for parole. >> coming up. after battling back from
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injuries last year a's pitcher brett anderson is looking forward to a healthy start to the new year. but two batters into today's game - something goes wrong. find out what happened - after the break.
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>> the san jose sharks were in colorado looking to pick
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up the win against the avalanche. but unfortunately for the sharks they fell in overtime -- losing three-to-two. patrick marleau made a little bit of history. by scoring san jose's first goal. marleau reached career goal number 400. despite the record setting day the sharks have now lost three straight games. next up the sharks head to saint louis for a redemption game against the blues. who the sharks lost to on saturday. >> a's starting pitcher brett anderson injured his back and had to leave today's spring training game against the arizona diamondbacks early. anderson only faced two batters before he strained a muscle in his upper right back. >> after consulting with manager bob melvin and the teams medical staff -- anderson left the game. the a's ended up winning anyways seven-to-five. >> the oakland zoo is welcoming three new pups to its meerkat exhibit. the pups, named ayo, rufaro and nandi, are nearly six weeks old. the litter is the first successful delivery among the meerkats in more than a year since it is not uncommon for members of a meerkat mob to attack the pups. but zoo officals say the mob has taken good care of this litter. the new pups bring the size of the zoo's existing meerkat mob to eight. the sexes of the pups remain unknown. zoo offcials


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